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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mutter Breast pump come from?

Mutter is a Portable Breast Pump product. Owned by Indonesian. Designed in Germany, Assembled in China for Indonesia Market.

Is there a cup option?

Yes, Mutter Pearl only have a universal cup size, which is 20mm with silicon and 25mm without silicon but, Mutter Krystal and Jade have different sizes of cup from 19mm, 22mm, 24mm, 27mm, and 30mm
Mutter Topaz only have one universal cup size which is 24mm. How to measure your nipples? Moms can download this Nipple Ruler:

Does Mutter Breast Pump have a spare parts?

Mutter has a complete selection of spare parts that you can buy at Mom's preferred marketplaces. The parts of Mutter Pearl and Krystal-Jade, and Topaz is different, so please be carefully when you decide to buy.

What are specifications of Mutter Breast pump? Size and weight of bottles, pumps?

Mutter’s bottle can accommodate 150ml of milk, bottle weight is 135gr, machine weight is 245gr. Mutter Krystal weight is 235gr Mutter Jade total weight is 350gr including bottle

How about Mutter Breast pump warranty?

Mutter breast pump has a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. 12 months warranty for motor pump, 24 months warranty for services, 6 months warranty for the battery, LED and USB port. Please register your information to: The warranty is not covering if: a. Cause of dropped b. Cause of doused / submerged in water c. Cause of electrical zippers d. Cause of natural disasters\ e. Cause of a misuse

You can claim your warranty to

Is Mutter Breast pump using batteries, adapters or must be plugged in electricity?

Mutter Pearl breast pump has a Lithium-ion battery so the Mutter is a portable breast pump that can be carried without being plugged in. Mutter can be charged using power bank or electric outlet with a duration of 1.5 hours from zero to full and can be use up to 120 minutes or 6-8 cycles. Mutter Krystal has a 2600 mAh Lithium ion battery that can last for 200 minutes from full.

Mutter Topaz has a 1100 mAh Lithium ion battery that can last for 120 minutes.

How to become a reseller or an agent?

Contact us at +62813 8686 6657 or email to or DM us via Instagram at

Can the breast pump be timed when pumping session?

The mutter breast pump will turn off automatically after 30 minutes, to avoid over pumping when Mom is asleep

What is the difference between Krystal, Pearl and Topaz?

Mutter have many different breast pump options; Krystal, Pearl and Topaz. The Pearl series mutter has 3 modes/phase stimulation, massage and pumping, each mode has 1-9 suction levels that can be adjusted by the user. Mutter Krystal has 5 modes/phases, namely Massage consisting of levels 1-5, Two in one mode consisting of levels 1-7 (8x massage combination 1x pumping), Expression/Pumping consisting of levels 1-7, Dual frequency (suction combination 2 different strengths, weak and strong) consists of levels 1-7 and Simulation. In Mutter Krystal there is a mode called Dual Frequency, this mode uses weak and strong suction alternately. So that it helps the nipples of mothers who have flat nipples or inverted nipples. The breast shield from pearl is made of plastic and there is additional silicone, the default breast shield is 25mm and the silicone cushion is 20mm cushion, and only has 1 breast shield size. Krystal's breast shield is made of full silicone and the default breast shield is 24 mm, and has other sizes that can be purchased separately. available in sizes 19mm, 22mm, 24mm, 27mm, and 30mm. Topaz Has the latest breast shield called ergo-max with a size of 24mm, Topaz breast shield is only available in 1 size, the features of the Topaz breast shield are flexible and comfortable to use so that it is a solution for mothers who may not be suitable for breast shields made of silicon, can try breast shields from Mutter Topaz. Topaz Has 3 modes, Massage, Pumping and Two in One Mode, PPSU bottle, single pump, battery capacity of 1110mAh, so it can be used for 3-4 cycles or approximately 120 minutes.

How to wash a breast pump properly?

How to wash a breast pump properly is to separate the parts based on the ingredients; Plastic and silicone materials. plastic materials can be washed using special soap for baby equipment and under running water, then sterilized using boiling water, UV, or hot steam. Silicone material can be washed with special soap for baby equipment and with running water, drain on a special shelf for baby equipment and then soaked in warm water at a temperature of 88-92 degrees Celsius. Avoid boiling the silicone in a pan of hot water, as this can cause the silicone to not work properly or reduce its elasticity in the future. Note: - you shouldn't need to wash the hose to avoid water left in the hose and into the breast pump machine - clean the breast pump machine with a wet tissue and dry it using a micro fiber cloth

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