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MUTTER Spareparts Suku Cadang Pompa ASI Mutter TOPAZ

100% Authentic MUTTER


Original Spare Parts - The best quality for your comfort


Suku cadang yang tersedia antara lain :
1. Valve Duckbill : 2pcs per box
2. Diaphragm (Diafragma / Mangkok Diafragma) : 2pcs per box
3. Connector : 1pc per polybag
4. Dust Cover : 1pc per polybag
5. ERGO-MAX Silicon Breast Shield 24mm(Corong Silikon) : 1pc per polybag
6. Bottle Stand : 1pc per polybag
7. PPSU Bottle 180ml : 1pc per polybag
8. Nipple Kit : 2pcs per polybag
9. USB Type C Cable + Adapter : 1 set per box


Suku cadang TOPAZ sama dengan NEW PEARL

Mutter Spareparts Suku Cadang Mutter Topaz

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